The difference between a large-scale manufacturer and a small folk workshop


There are countless manufacturers of the same product, […]

There are countless manufacturers of the same product, and there are thousands of factories. Because there are so many goods, many people can't start when they shop online. Many small folk workshops also call themselves manufacturers. In fact, there are very big differences between large-scale electric paint spray gun manufacturers and small workshops. The large-scale automatic electrostatic spray gun manufacturers have their own independent workshops, the area is large enough, the machine tools are enough, and the technology is strong enough. They have their own R&D and production teams, a sound management mechanism, and strict production control. The most important thing is that they have their own patents and have certain guarantees for customers. Such electric paint spray gun manufacturers can give customers a sense of security. Many small private workshops do not have a business license. There is only one or two small machines in a small workshop. There are only one or two operators. There is no team, no management, and it is hard to be convinced. There is no strict control over the quality of the products, and it is difficult to provide customers with after-sales protection.

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