Paint spray gun features


The application of paint spray gun can be seen everywhe […]

The application of paint spray gun can be seen everywhere, the brand is also a mixed bag, and countless, then choosing a paint spray gun has become a difficult matter. First of all, we have to figure out what the characteristics of the paint spray gun are, in order to make a better choice.
The paint spray gun of the air kiss has the following characteristics:

1. The gun body is made of plastic steel insulation material, which can avoid static leakage and ensure the safety of technicians.

2. The body of the gun is light in weight and extends the life of the reciprocator.

3. Using the principle of electrostatic spraying, the paint has lower loss and better packaging effect.

4. The speed of the ordinary spray gun has been greatly improved, and the spraying efficiency has been significantly improved.
The paint spray gun of the air kiss is not only unique in appearance, but also has an inherent quality guarantee. The unique appearance avoids comrades with the peers, highlighting the company's uniqueness and more in line with the customer's aesthetics. Paint spray guns are also used in a wide range of applications, such as furniture, leather, stainless steel, door industry, wood, automotive, etc. Suitable for the use of water-based paints and oil paints.

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