Paint spray gun and ordinary spray gun do not compare, do not know the damage


Paint spray guns and electrostatic spray guns, from the […]

Paint spray guns and electrostatic spray guns, from these two titles, we can see how big the gap is. It is equivalent to Fengjie and Xi Shi. We don’t know that Fengjie can look at Baidu and compare it with Xi Shi to know their gap. You also imagine the difference between the effect of the ordinary spray gun and the electrostatic spray gun. The ordinary spray gun is the low match of Baoan Automobile. The electrostatic spray gun is the high match of the BMW car. It is also the BMW car passing a pit. The feeling of sitting on it is also natural. Feeling like it.
It's like flying kiss painted as an electrostatic spray gun, scale, environment, service, technology, experience, come to the factory for field visits, and compare with the small manufacturers of ordinary spray guns you are in, feel it is a high match. Still low.

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