• Cordless hand drill (without impact function)

    Cordless hand drill (without impact function)

    Double electric 18v, can replace lithium battery. More to say this electric drill, double electric 18v, torque and speed are very practical, expand the hole, metal hole is no problem. So if you only need a cordless hand drill, this god drill is enough. Really enough. Because the torque of 10.8v is t... read more

    Mar 01,2019 News
  • Cordless circular saw

    Cordless circular saw

    Cordless circular saw is also one of the artifacts, lithium battery, nickel-chromium fully compatible. Easy to carry and easy to move. Cutting of various boards such as wood cutting can be satisfied. I have no access because of the beautiful solution. However, the special offer is impulsive. Therefo... read more

    Mar 09,2019 News
  • Cordless hammer

    Cordless hammer

    The convenience of the cordless hammer is mentioned above. Many brands have it. I will introduce it to you later. It belongs to the medium-sized electric hammer. It seems that all the holes in the family are played casually. As long as you take the move, push it forward, basically not too hard. Dome... read more

    Mar 15,2019 News
  • Home tool purchase advice

    Home tool purchase advice

    As far as home use is concerned, if the home decoration must choose a cordless hand drill, the following are purchase suggestions. Basic type: Mainly screwing general screws. You can choose 4.8v, 6v, 7.2v, 9.6v electric screwdrivers, most of which can be 3.6v, but the limit is too much. Domestic and... read more

    Apr 13,2019 News
  • The difference between a large-scale manufacturer and a small folk workshop

    The difference between a large-scale manufacturer and a small folk workshop

    There are countless manufacturers of the same product, and there are thousands of factories. Because there are so many goods, many people can't start when they shop online. Many small folk workshops also call themselves manufacturers. In fact, there are very big differences between large-scale elect... read more

    Apr 30,2019 News
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