• 8v20v cordless impact drill

    8v20v cordless impact drill

    In terms of function, there is a 18v 20v cordless impact drill for home decoration that is sufficient (slowly ground concrete can also be ground out). The 18v20v provides enough power, enough impact and long power supply. But the shortcomings must be explained. It is too heavy. Doing a drill can be ... read more

    Feb 01,2019 News
  • Cordless wrench

    Cordless wrench

    Cordless wrenches use less in the home decoration (Chinese families) but the scope of use is also relatively large, all kinds of sleeves are compatible, everyone pay attention to the size. Generally speaking, the United States is British, and China is a metric system. But from my point of view, the ... read more

    Feb 15,2019 News
  • Cordless power tool

    Cordless power tool

    Cordless angle grinder: Cordless angle grinders are mainly used for metal cutting and grinding. These Dewei tools are now updated to 20v lithium battery, so you can pay attention when you buy. The American people are armed. So the gloves have to be purchased. Very thick steel bars are no problem. Me... read more

    Feb 23,2019 News
  • Cordless hand drill (without impact function)

    Cordless hand drill (without impact function)

    Double electric 18v, can replace lithium battery. More to say this electric drill, double electric 18v, torque and speed are very practical, expand the hole, metal hole is no problem. So if you only need a cordless hand drill, this god drill is enough. Really enough. Because the torque of 10.8v is t... read more

    Mar 01,2019 News
  • Cordless circular saw

    Cordless circular saw

    Cordless circular saw is also one of the artifacts, lithium battery, nickel-chromium fully compatible. Easy to carry and easy to move. Cutting of various boards such as wood cutting can be satisfied. I have no access because of the beautiful solution. However, the special offer is impulsive. Therefo... read more

    Mar 09,2019 News
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