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Recently, we have compiled a general overview of the do […]

Recently, we have compiled a general overview of the domestic and international power tool industry around 2013, and after a certain adjustment, for the reference of value friends. The latest data for 2014-2015 has not yet been found.
China is the world's largest producer and exporter of power tools. In 2013, the entire industry of electric tools earned about 60 billion yuan, of which more than 60% were exported. In 2007, the export volume of the whole machine reached 192 million units. In 2013, the export volume of the whole machine reached 201 million units (up 5.24% year-on-year), and the export value reached 6.207 billion US dollars (up 9.24% year-on-year). The main export markets are North America and Europe, with the United States and Germany being the first and second largest markets, accounting for 30.84% ​​and 6.68% of exports, respectively. The export growth rate to Europe in 13 years reached 9.47%.
According to the technical requirements of the product, the application field, etc., it can be divided into three levels: technical level, professional level and family level. Industrial-grade power tool products are mainly used in workplaces with high processing accuracy or high environmental protection requirements. For example, in the aerospace field, they have high technical requirements, higher profits, and small market scope. Household power tools are mainly used for precision. Occasionally, the requirements are not high, and the continuous running time is not long, such as home decoration, simple decoration, etc., with low technical content and low profit. Product sales mainly use price as a means of competition, and the overall appearance is a low-end, disorderly competition.
It is worth noting that although the demand in the domestic market is far less than the international market, the demand is still not small. Domestic users are increasingly demanding the quality of power tools, especially for product efficiency, weight, and life. For example, the domestic electric hammer is easy to generate heat, the continuous working time is short, the electric hammer impact force is small, and the vibration is large. The operator must press hard to deepen, and the drill bit is easy to wear and break.
China's domestic power tool market has been firmly held by foreign giants such as Bosch, Japan, Makita, Japan's Hitachi and the United States. From the trend in recent years, the domestic market share of foreign brands is in a downward channel. This also provides a huge opportunity for domestic manufacturers.
It can be seen from the industry report that it takes a lot of effort to form a complete series of domestic power tools. The key factors are technical accumulation, overall planning issues, product design issues, product services, and more. Manufacturing problems are not very difficult now. In particular, the proportion of exports in the global power tool market is considerable. The battery problem is basically not difficult to solve. It can be seen from the big picture that the learning ability of domestic production is very strong. As far as cordless power tools are concerned, domestic manufacturers are now aware of the convenience and development trend of cordless. The corded power tool will be a supplement to cordless power tools in the future (except in special cases). (The main analysis of the domestic power tools market)
Therefore, based on the convenience of use and the development of the industry, it is recommended that you choose the cordless power tool as much as possible. The main technical strength and design mode of cordless power tools are firmly in the hands of foreign manufacturers, so the price of cordless power tools is usually much more expensive than wired power tools (except pneumatic tools, pneumatics will be introduced later). The overall development of domestic cordless power tools is in its infancy, and it does not have core competitiveness, in terms of product quality stability. Cordless power tools are mainly based on foreign brands.

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