Light cordless hand drill


When the voltage reaches 9.6v, it can be regarded as a […]

When the voltage reaches 9.6v, it can be regarded as a light hand drill with a certain drilling capability. Generally includes 9.6V, 10.8V and 12V. It should be noted here that 10.8V is often referred to as MAX12V. This type of drill price is distinguished from the electric screwdriver. The mechanical mechanism inside has changed a lot. Enhanced function, adjustable chuck, with gear adjustment (usually two gears) and torque adjustment. Under normal circumstances, the torque does not exceed 30 Nm.
When we look at products, we must be objective, and have certain analytical capabilities and knowledge reserves. In many cases, it is not determined by weight or amount of materials. From the perspective of product development and design, Bosch 1080's product is not as good as Bosch's high-end products, but still has a certain design base. Excellent design is simple, if you want to sell iron. That can collect scrap iron. 100 can be a lot of pounds. The quality of the machine seems to depend on the rotor quality and the rotor dynamic balance test are not seen, and the square charger is better than the circular one is a problem, this is a modeling factor, just a lot of people like the curve, look The sports car will know. Therefore, in this paragraph, I hope that when I purchase a value friend, I must seriously consider the design factors of the product, consider the experience of development, and the price, not subjective judgment.
The miniaturization and weight reduction of cordless impact drills is the trend of the times and the inevitable direction of technological development. The main problem now is that the battery does not provide enough power to achieve a stronger function. So don't think about concrete, brick walls, tiles, and wood. Such a small impact drill is worth having. There have been no specials, so I have not started. And Meiya does not support direct mail, but the price is cheaper.
Basically, a small cordless impact hand drill has a home use, but the impact function should not be too high. In addition, Germany and China are 220v voltage, can be used without transformers, Meiya must be equipped with transformers, generally 500w, because there is redundancy, there are other equipment. The disadvantage is that there is only a 10mm chuck, and in general we are likely to use 12,13mm gun nails.

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