Electric screw driver


Mainly 3.6V, 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V, 9.6v. This type of product […]

Mainly 3.6V, 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V, 9.6v.
This type of product is low voltage, this product is 6v with 4 AA batteries, I think you have a lot of rechargeable batteries. Therefore, it can provide continuous power, 130 rpm, only screws can be screwed. I used this one for a long time and installed a lot of furniture, but because the fuselage structure is mainly plastic, including gears, it will be damaged for a long time or overload. Another advantage is that it is easy to carry. Disassemble the computer and remove the refrigerator. The price is only $9.73.
These two are some of the top-grade electric screwdrivers, which are built-in lithium batteries, and the middle structure can be rotated, and the power is not bad. Since both Black & Decker and Stanley are owned by Stanley, Dewei is a high-end brand, and Black & Decker is positioned as a home user. Therefore, the price is relatively more affordable than Bosch and Dewei. The same can not be drilled, just that the performance is much better than the above AS6NG, support lithium battery charging.

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