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As far as home use is concerned, if the home decoration […]

As far as home use is concerned, if the home decoration must choose a cordless hand drill, the following are purchase suggestions.
Basic type: Mainly screwing general screws.
You can choose 4.8v, 6v, 7.2v, 9.6v electric screwdrivers, most of which can be 3.6v, but the limit is too much. Domestic and foreign brands are free. The voltage is different, and the actual experience is different. And generally fixed 1/4 aperture.
Ordinary type: In addition to screwing, you also need to drill small wooden holes and drill metal holes.
At this time, it must be 10.8v, 12v, or even 14.4v. The general torque of 12v 10.8v is within 30 Nm, and the width of 10mm can be adjusted. At this time, it is best to have 2 batteries.
Quasi-professional type: Reaming, drilling, production of various materials, and the pursuit of expansion, bearing wall punching. At this time, 10.8v is somewhat far-fetched, and the 18v.20v hand drill is used. The scheme is as follows:
4.8v.6v7.2v10.8v12v+ impact drill is the lowest cost method. (recommend)
18v20v hand drill + impact drill, belonging to the enhanced, efficient way.
18v20v impact hand drill, this one is enough, but the screw is too heavy.
18v20v+ electric hammer, this method is more comprehensive, because it has covered the load-bearing wall function, but the tiles need to be practiced. (recommend)
18v20v+ impact drill + electric hammer + electric cymbal, is a comprehensive type, basic home improvement worry-free.
Professional: Home improvement tools are comprehensive.
4.8v.6v7.2v10.8v12v18v hand drill + impact drill + electric hammer + electric pick + electric grinder + circular saw + full set of engraving tools (such as comparable).
Fever type: all kinds of tools are all necessary, not afraid of repetition. Then the drill will be on. Most people can't reach this point. And strict requirements on the brand. If you have a fever, please go to the overtone, Festo and so on. However, it is estimated that the set should be no less than 100w.

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