Cordless wrench


Cordless wrenches use less in the home decoration (Chin […]

Cordless wrenches use less in the home decoration (Chinese families) but the scope of use is also relatively large, all kinds of sleeves are compatible, everyone pay attention to the size. Generally speaking, the United States is British, and China is a metric system. But from my point of view, the choice of sleeves should be set in both English and metric systems. Sometimes, for example, your Meiya Amoy machines are all British, metric. Can't use it. Of course this is a special case. Note that it is 18v lithium battery. That is to say, the god drill can be used, and the 18v Dewei battery can be interchanged. This is very good. The batteries in all my Home Essentials are universal. And there are many manufacturers of nickel-chromium batteries in China that produce Weiwei compatible 18v, about 160. It is much cheaper than lithium battery. However, in the future, there will definitely be more lithium batteries. Very narrow space can be used, suitable for small spaces, but must be metric metric sleeves.
This is a 1/4-caliber electric screwdriver. This type can be used directly on the heads of various rod diameters. This way is a very quick replacement of the batch. The 18v nickel-cadmium battery can be used with the above lithium battery and must be 18v. I have mentioned it in detail above. Note that the black charger does not charge lithium. The yellow chargers are all compatible. This type of chuckless type is suitable for home renovation. Because the size adjustment is troublesome, although there are accessories to achieve the function, but still choose the electric drill. The 1/4 caliber is universal and you can rest assured.

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