Cordless hand drill (without impact function)


Double electric 18v, can replace lithium battery. More […]

Double electric 18v, can replace lithium battery. More to say this electric drill, double electric 18v, torque and speed are very practical, expand the hole, metal hole is no problem. So if you only need a cordless hand drill, this god drill is enough. Really enough. Because the torque of 10.8v is too small. Many features can't be implemented. And domestic expansion is a problem. As for the nickel-chromium battery, it is cheap and affordable, and supports direct mail. If you want to change the lithium battery, you can change it easily. It is compatible with 18v lithium battery. The domestic battery is produced by many manufacturers, about 160 or so, and it is used at low cost. Meiya sales first, 4.5 points of evaluation, any time worth recommending. Most people who say nickel chrome do not understand that this also has lithium battery.

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