8v20v cordless impact drill


In terms of function, there is a 18v 20v cordless impac […]

In terms of function, there is a 18v 20v cordless impact drill for home decoration that is sufficient (slowly ground concrete can also be ground out). The 18v20v provides enough power, enough impact and long power supply. But the shortcomings must be explained. It is too heavy. Doing a drill can be done, but if you screw a lot of screws a day, it will be sour. It's really too heavy. Therefore, in terms of frequency of use, it is recommended that you use a hand drill (without impact function).
German version of dcd995, and is brushless, Germany 18v lithium battery, and the United States now has Wei, although 18v nickel cadmium, lithium battery. But 20v lithium battery is the latest. The status of the battery is not on. The picture on the right is the US version of dcd995, which is 20v lithium battery. This type of home is enough to replace the cordless hand drill and impact drill. However, as a hand drill, it is too big, too inconvenient, and has no electric hammer function. So I still recommend separate the hand drill and the impact drill. Directly on the cordless hand drill plus electric hammer. When you buy, everyone notices that some suits are more affordable, but they are third parties and need to be transshipped.

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